Irish Musicians - sketches

The Dingle Tradfest (traditional Irish music festival) was the highlight of my trip to Ireland.

It was one intense weekend of sketching with my legs jiggling in time to the music :)
the young singer/songwriter from Limerick, Cillian King

The famous flutist/piper, Michael McGoldrick, with Dezi Donnelly on fiddle and Jim Murray on guitar. Concert at the St. James' church, Dingle.

Dezi and Michael up top, Tola Custy on the fiddle under them, and a trio from a hill hike music session on the right.

a band of locals who frequent the Dingle Pub.

variation within that band of locals

some more people joined the group after a couple of fiddlers left later on in the evening.

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Dave De keyser said...

Wow, these are really amazing! You really capture so much of the moment, the relationship between the different musicians and their quirky ways of playing the instrument! Love it!