sherlock seattle sketches

yup. went to the geek peak.
there were lectures on topics ranging from historical context to sexuality. uh...it was very educational :)
this lady was giving lectures on the decline of imperial britain and colonialism and the evolution of the stereotype of war-heroes through that period, and how this relates to the character of John Watson. this is deep geekdom here.

these guys were giving a demonstration of the art of bartitsu.
they're a group called the Barton-Wright/Alfred-Hutton Alliance for Historically Accurate Hoplology and Antagonistics, aka the BWAHAHAHA. no joke.

me drawing people who are drawing. er. 

what a pretty lady

went to the Capitol Cider on sunday night, this gypsy jazz band was really swingin' it

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Jason Wong said...

You're sketches are so nice! Love looking at your work! keep up the good work!!

Ashley Perez said...

These works of art are amazing and inspiring! Awesome blog! Cheers.

Gabriel Cuesta said...

Love how enconomical the drawings are. Lovely!!
Wish I could get some advice from you. Keep it up.