If a fox were to take over for Fox Mulder

and if the first movie was animated and pretty and if i were to do the ending credits.
wow that's a lot of prerequisites. 

goes well with this track from the second xfiles movie
  Broken by UNKLE on Grooveshark
x files is giving me problems.
actual problems where i'm working on something and then BAM it's hijacked by x files...


Jean Liang said...

this is so cool Chang!!! haha listened to the full song while watching your animation lol

girafot said...

this is perfect.

Señorita Tejon said...

X files animated movie need to be done!!! O:
You're really talented!
Her walk has the whole attitide going on!

chang said...

you bet she has the strong g-woman attitude! :D

Aaron Quist said...

Love it!! Nice rhythm to the walk cycles, and way to throw a bone to Mr. C.