sandwich shop

where i indulge in a sandwich every saturday :)


"TORI CAT" said...

Ooo lovely!
I really love your work!
How is your movie doing? It looks fantastic!!
Im sure it will do well in the festivals and you'll get some god work from it!! :D
All the best,

Aminder Dhaliwal said...

Nothing like a good sandwich.

Andrew Chesworth said...

That's so sweet, Chang! You've only been in Minneapolis a short time and you already have your nice weekly rituals. I love the way you colored the drawing.

chang said...

thanks Tori! Vigour's gotten into a couple of small-mid sized fests, but it wasn't made for that purpose and i can't wait to put it back online again for everyone :)

sandwiches are the best indeed, and make for very good rituals

Aaron Quist said...

Beautiful! Love the loose lines and colors. Such a great little "community" of baked goods.

chang said...

Jebus Quist Aaron!
it's an illusion actually, they're all on death roll :P

Andrew Chesworth said...

Pun, pun-PUN-pun!!!