tired of tigers yet?

went to zoo again, got a new membership for this year
...and then drew some tigers

um, and some snow leopards. hmm, getting rusty

on a side note, 5 DAYS till HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON dvd release

this movie was like a friendship version of romeo&juliet, except these two offer something much more than just the garden balcony scene.


Mickey Quinn said...

Ah, I love your dragon picture! And I never get tired of your tigers, they look awesome!

agnes said...

as always fantastic stuff.

i start to think it might come from your diet, what is it that you eat in abundance Chang? the lentils of awesome? tofu squares of will?

chang said...

aww thanks mickey.
agnes are u kidding? eat a veg diet to understand meat eaters? *whacks u on head* :P

nikki m said...

omg I never get tired of your tigers!!! DREAMY SIGH, MORE TIGERS ♥♥♥

and HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON YEAHHH I loved how you described it, that's basically it LOL. Love that movie and your illustration of it!

Domee said...

Bootaful as always :B Did you renew your zoo membership when the ppl called you and offered that discount? 8I I decided not to renew mine, but now I'm getting non-buyer's regret~~~

chang said...

lol right? i told some highschool friends and they were like EEWWW DRAGON/BOY RELATION IS BEYOND WRONG 'n i was like O_O dude i said friendship version.

.........DOMEE WAT IS THIS DISCOUNT U SPEAK OF WAT WAT WAT orz <--(got it for the full price)