reason these are posted now:
internship of awesomeness starts on monday (trembling excitement!) and went back to school to scan =_=

i think you have to click to enlarge.

all from the zoo, except the page of design at the end.


and the messiest of all. TIGERS:
i *dare you to try and look at every single drawing muwahaha



jaguar gestures





the others.

lol so few designs.

seo let's go to zoo on a sunday? a saturday? stay in touch!


Lee said...

wow great sketches, it'll pay off when you animate your film =>

nikki m said...

omg these are SO AWESOME. AAAHHHh so cute, I looked at EVERY. SINGLE. PICTURE hahahaha ♥
I feel so inspired by this, I really believe drawing animals can help learn shape SO much, even more so than humans (h-haha), the littlest thing makes it a different specie of cat, etc...I love it *A*)))

these were so fun to look at ♥ and the fat tiger at the end OMG ADORABLE ;w;)))

about how long do you take at the zoo!? I want to watch you draw LOL <--CREEP???

Ricepot said...

that's a lot of animals lol

E said...

they all bite :( LOL did you camp in the zoo for a month or something?

chang said...

thnks lee!

nikki: heehee, i take an average 5 hours? once or twice a week? seems like a good dosage :) but i perform poorly when being watched, u'll see me running from privy zoo-goers all the time xD

hyyyyeiiinnn and you too eunice let's go to the zooooooooo on like a saturday or sunday or something!
and no i didn't "camp out" i live there :P

Skim said...

Ok Chang, I'm down for next weekend. Saturday? let me know soon

lol word verification: focksofl

Hellionor DeLaCroix said...

Great!Especially the last ♥

Fainder said...

eeee tigers *__* one can never get tired of drawing them...

Elizabeth said...

mannnnn, those are all really good, nice and loose , love it !!