victorian cast

horray. done. i started planning the story and characters a month ago, but somehow still ended up doin' everything last minute =_= how the heck...anyways...

1. Charles (after Darwin ^^ it was his 200 bday in February)the archeologist father who disguised his only daughter as a boy in order to educate her in the sciences.
He's so devoted to work that sometimes he forgets she's a girl, which often results in awkward situations...

2. Main character, Trishia (not Trisha), lives her life as a guy to prove that WOMEN DO NOT HAVE SMALLER BRAINS dammit D8<

3. Angela, the villian, is kind of stupid... as in, Charles, on an odd day when he forgot that "Trevor" is actually Trishia, betrothed this woman to his daughter v_v;;
She's the kind of girl who thinks women oughta stay home and be a good, obedient wife, and she dislikes the complicated way in which "Trevor" talks. She also dismisses the lower classes as being stupid and brutish.

4. Love interest. (yey...) Paul was picked up on the streets of London when he was little, because Charles wanted to conduct a Nature vs Nurture experiment in whic a lower class recieves a good education. He tags along on archeological expeditions with his benefactors and does feild sketches, carries the luggages, and other stuff. ...bookworm...

oh and he knows that the main character's a girl, because of a...uh, let's say, very "revealing" incident =_=


gotta love Pete Emslie's comment:
"....the poses are working fine, but i still can't tell that the main character's a girl..........you just wanted to do a gay story didn't you?"

I'll skip posting the animal characters, marks aside, i just don't like how it came out =_=


Domee Shi said...

LMAO he said that??? XD I can totally tell she's a girl (now)~

basset said...

ah such comforting words