some zoo stuff, the best 2 pages are still with the instructor tho

and sketches of classmates, the one in the top left corner is a character =_=

and Sleeping Eunice, waiting for her prince to challenge her to a sword fight
*ducks from incoming violence*


Lim said...

=_= *swings axe*

Lee said...

yeah i remember being there when eunice was sleeping hah

i lold at mike's caricature, that hair, too good.

basset said...

limsta, by "swing axe" you mean like that creepy youkai thing? also dragging it on the ground i see =_=;;

lol. mike's hair always has anti-gravitational properties

Keelamari said...

I love the tiger drawing on display in the hallway. How did you get those tamarins so well? The buggers were literally bouncing off the walls!