animation compilation

youtube! 8D


Lee said...

omg that expression change assignment is pretty cute lol, fking A+++++++

Jozi said...

By seeing your work for the past few years, I can tell you're a serious student who's pushing herself as much as possible. So when I critique your work, I try to give ya some serious feedback. I don't know if what I say is helpful, but I try. And feel free to shun anything that's not useful -or- you already know. I just want to help you improve, too!

-pretty good. you have nice drawn really cleaned-up animation, but it can be pushed much further. the first thing that comes to mind is "are you doing inbetweens?" it looks like your shooting on 3s or 4s with a few 2s (maybe). I don't know if that's because of youtube's drop-frame transfer, or if that's your original animation intent, but for those quick movements, instead of a stylized blur frame, draw it on 1s. there's a point to this crazy idea. you can emphasize body weight and arcs while doing a quick movement on 1s. if done right, it'll look powerful and pop the movement to life, it'll look much more interesting than a few blurs. plus you can vary the timing on 1s and 2s to punch out variation even more, to create interesting character movement. Remember, this is animation (imagination), not drawn live-action, push-out those crazy thought onto paper (it look more interesting when you do this, trust me).

-your shine out of this compilation, honestly, are your walk cycles. not the fight scene, character expressions, or reactions, just those two full body walk cycles you briefly show. It shows an understanding of movement and weight than the rest of your animations. everything else (in my lame opinion) is a bunch of really nice drawings put together. It all has the timing of a flash movie. Are you shooting at 12/15 fps or 24 fps? If your doing 24, push in those inbetweens! I don't know if you have a down-shooter at your school, but really work out that timing chart till you get some interesting results, and take notes. Look for timing variation, avoid shooting evenly, don't be afraid to take away frames or have holds up to 10, the animation will turn itself into a visual dancing flame if done right.

-Another problem I see (I'm guilty of this too), your focusing too much an story than the animation itself. This might be the reason why everything seems to have that 3s and 4s look. Forget the fight scene, action, reaction, and just limit yourself to 2-3 seconds of full 24 fps animation. I really really hate to say this, but no one cares about the story. As an animator, we're looking movements that makes us say "wow." Story is secondary (that's why there are storyboard artist). If you want to push yourself as an animator, no more of these short story animations, and start focusing on what the "action" is itself, and animate it really well. This will get people to spend more than a few seconds looking at your demo reel. But if you want to be a storyboard artist or clean-up artist, then that's where your talent currently lies.

-You have a few good pluses behind your animation. Your volume consistency is good. Your drawings are clean and read well (too clean for my taste, lol). Your figures' movements are good in 3-D (although no drastic perspective movements). Your character expressions shows clear initiative and intention (it reads). You have a pretty good sense of humor (kind of light-hearted).

Well, I'm going to stop here. There are a million things that can be improved or worked on, but the thing I'm often told is "say goodbye to these pencil tests and move on."
Good luck with your next semester, I really would like to see you post more pencil tests (if possible). :)

Thanks for the viewing opportunity!

Jeffrey Ho said...

good job! that was fun to watch

basset said...

yup. dats cus a lot of the interaction for the walk 'n run assignment were still just extremes, not even keys, because they're not being graded xD

but the fight scene's climbing part was all on 1s and 2s. it might just be utube.

personally i like cleaned up animation which still retains the sense of volume and energy of the roughs (which is almost always.....impossible =_= )

our animation instructor focuses much on story as well tho O_o always tells us "this doesn't make sense", and "the character doesn't have a motive" and stuff like that. and it'd be nice to try to do well in everything since specialization leads to extinction ;) (quoting GitS, lol)

i'll definitely post more stuff when they're done. in the mean time.........YOU SHOULD POST RECENT STUFF TOO! 8D