sketchbook pages

sketch dump!!! cus school started therefore scanners available =_=;;

zoo drawings:

eunice was saying how we'd haf to put up both our drawings of this animal, go to her blog post and check out the 9th drawing down :P


a random mushishi drawing, just testing out the new watercolour brush

a random drawing, the gang from 1993

.....1st and 2nd day of school =_=;;


Chris Lee said...

awesome drawings! i see a lot of improvements

Lwang said...

YES BABOONS! we all heart baboons... yea.

Sourya said...

These sketches are perfect.
No kidding. (the red flamenco)

basset said...

=_=;;; if chris sensei says so.

lol. eunice, shall we all draw u baboons for ur bday? ;;;

thnks sourya, flamingos are fun :3