small animation update

Here's what i've managed to squeeze out from my little freetime between the dayjob and the weekend job =_=;; i'm eveb more sleep deprived than during the school year...

no time to draw!!! looks like i won't be finishing my sketchbook quota for this summer, but thankfully the dreaded dayjob ends next week and i'll be switching to internship at Chuck's (YA!!!)
that means 3 full days of animation, and 3 full days of caricature each week! weeeeeeee~~~~~
(also looking forward to that 1 full day of rest per week)

this is a theme i'm working on for my current idea for a 4th year film (yea right prolly gonna look nothing like this by then)

btw, no ref used


Chris Lee said...

ah damn.. i wish i was in toronto

i like the animation alot
very awesome that u already have ur 4th yr stuff planned out

Lee said...

what's Chuck's? animation studio? cause if it is, omg lol. But holy shyt, you are getting so much stuff done over the summer. post some of your caricatures sometime too, =)

basset said...

haha, gee chris, you know that by 4th year 1st year ideas will all be forgotten :)

Chuck Gammage, the awesomest place in toronto 8D

........my characters suck so baaaaad orz

Chris Lee said...

lol more likely..but it all means something

Sam Amanfi said...

love it....very fluid