Lifedrawing Portfolio #4

final portfolio for 1st year ;_;

30 seconds and 1 mins

3mins and 5 mins

extras. (30 sec / 10 min)


Domee said...

So this is 93% quality stuff, huh? *o* Awesome...

Jozi said...

-if your still doing life drawing this semester, practice drawing through the body with arcs before adding any details. if the person is standing, find the connection between heel to skull in one stroke; then "feel" the mass of the body with shapes, not contours. simplify with force and power behind you drawing, don't just imitate what you see. when you can do this, it'll add a new dimension behind you animations; they'll come to "life."
-like the digital illustration work. (wishes his animation dept. bothered in this area)

basset said...

lol. i went thru all that a year and a half ago :)

but yes those should be the basis of starting lifedrawing for animation