animation assignment 3: ball with tail

omgggggggggggg 300+ drawings >_>;;
and i thot it looked too rough so i cleaned them up...all of them *foams in mouth

anyway, this is my nameplate, and the animation played back-to-back 3 times

cheers :)


agnes said...

You're an amazingly hard working artists and it totally pay's off!

Great job! Be ready for a loud "WHOOO!!!" during the lecture when Michelle'll be showing this ;D

Beautiful work :]

Domee said...

Sonuva- I can't believe you actually cleaned all of it 8| Crazy! You're crazy! DX

*goes back to reading Shot-by-Shot*

Lolo said...


I'm so glad your doing so well in animation school! Come visit the star of your Zoom animation anytime ; )

- Mr R