50 years of WHO?

"It all started out as a mild curiosity in the junkyard, and now it's turned out to be quite a great spirit of adventure."

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Project from Chang Dai on Vimeo.

quite a few kinks here and there but it's done and i'm not touching it ever again =_____=

all the companions


sherlock seattle sketches

yup. went to the geek peak.
there were lectures on topics ranging from historical context to sexuality. uh...it was very educational :)
this lady was giving lectures on the decline of imperial britain and colonialism and the evolution of the stereotype of war-heroes through that period, and how this relates to the character of John Watson. this is deep geekdom here.

these guys were giving a demonstration of the art of bartitsu.
they're a group called the Barton-Wright/Alfred-Hutton Alliance for Historically Accurate Hoplology and Antagonistics, aka the BWAHAHAHA. no joke.

me drawing people who are drawing. er. 

what a pretty lady

went to the Capitol Cider on sunday night, this gypsy jazz band was really swingin' it

i'm way more active on tumblr than on blogspot @_@


ain't we lucky to live the lives we live

to know a thing i have to draw the thing

and drawing is the way i worship the spaghetti monster 



colours of the afternoon

my two lady friends from work
KC and 'Nessa

some fancy house garden around  Bernal Heights Tower


the thing about Pacific Rim is that...

it's not about giant robots fighting giant alien lizards 

ya! :D


fox out of context

just thought this looks hilarious as a panel taken out of context.
hee. ehehe.


cricket cricket cricket

i'm up to the fifth doctor now! he's a cricket fan :)
so...so many more to go ;__________;


If a fox were to take over for Fox Mulder

and if the first movie was animated and pretty and if i were to do the ending credits.
wow that's a lot of prerequisites. 

goes well with this track from the second xfiles movie
  Broken by UNKLE on Grooveshark
x files is giving me problems.
actual problems where i'm working on something and then BAM it's hijacked by x files...


Sherlock Illumination is now a T-shirt on Threadless!

you can find it HERE

the "girlies" shirts look like they're sold out of every size, twice.
this corresponds quite nicely with the tv show audience demographics i'd say ;)
***you can leave a comment there requesting reprint***

the guys shirts are still in stock from their first printing, but interestingly the 2XL size is sold out.


new x-phile

apparently. iono >_>
better 20 years late than never eh?
scully's shoulder pads are cool x)


1,2,3, what am i going to do with these?

a little something i started on the tumbles.
8 more to go, finish before November. 

hmmm i've already fixed the jitter in the first one, but didn't export a new gif.


it's a freeman thing

that look. probably trademarked by martin freeman. please don't sue :P


Everything is Illuminated - The Doctor-Man

yey finally done. this has been bothering me all week :T
now i can watch new who episodes in peace. ah~
i think i went a little overboard with the details...