Native Bees Design

DID YOU KNOW: North America has no native honey bee, the honey bees were brought over by European immigrants. Instead, over 4000 species native wild bees pollinated all the plants on our continent, along with wasps and flies and other insects/birds. 


Westworld - What does a mirror look at?

 A pretty good metaphor for how we're programmed to not see what's right in front of us because of our programming, and the creative force that is the gift of language. 

Painting Process with Artrage and Photoshop

And of course there's always the biblical parallel. 
After all, the best lies are based on the truth, at least in part.


New Portfolio & official site!

I'm back on the local animation scene in Toronto folks!

Spanking new website! I got a dot.ca, it's all shiny 'n slick.
That's right, go to ChangDai.ca and see what i've been up to these past months!


Dead Moon Walking - Designs and Aniamted shorts

I did some concepts and designs 3 years ago at Make Visuals in Minneapolis. They have since been made into 15 seconds-long animated shorts. Below are all the episodes compiled together.

Team: Justin Webber, Alec Mueller, Chang Dai, Joshua Schneider, Aaron Quist, Michelle Yoon, assistants Rithy Pou, Shelby Pearson, Abby Duel, Amanda Donahue.

The shorts have finally become public so I'm gonna post the designs up now. Better late than...


Irish Musicians - sketches

The Dingle Tradfest (traditional Irish music festival) was the highlight of my trip to Ireland.

It was one intense weekend of sketching with my legs jiggling in time to the music :)
the young singer/songwriter from Limerick, Cillian King

The famous flutist/piper, Michael McGoldrick, with Dezi Donnelly on fiddle and Jim Murray on guitar. Concert at the St. James' church, Dingle.

Dezi and Michael up top, Tola Custy on the fiddle under them, and a trio from a hill hike music session on the right.

a band of locals who frequent the Dingle Pub.

variation within that band of locals

some more people joined the group after a couple of fiddlers left later on in the evening.


Monster Maniacs - Animation

Vampires! Ghosts! Haunted mansion!

I feel like I had some kind of breakthrough with animation during this production. When Robin came up with these transformation ideas I looked at him with great confusion, but as always I proved him correct :P

I fleshed out this layout from Robin's initial block-in.

Then I did all the vampires animation in the bonus room, and Robin took care of the vampire hunter girl (Nikita, not all of her animation is shown here) and the fx of the statue breaking on the left.

 Michelle Yoon cleaned up the animation in the bonus room, and also did the animation colouring.

All designs by Robin Mitchell.
 [Art Director: Robin Mitchell]
[© 2014 PlayStudiosTM 2014]


Pirates Cove - Animation

After wrapping up Sheerluck Hound, our team set sailed into the sunset and...

As usual, designed and directed by the enigmatic Robin Mitchell

Aside from symbols, I also boarded and animated a battle scene :D

Pirate's Cove Bonus- ANIMATION SEQUENCE from Chang Dai on Vimeo.

[Art Director: Robin Mitchell]
[© 2014 PlayStudiosTM 2014]


The MisAdventures of Sheerluck Hound - ANIMATION

Being an avid fan of most things Sherlock Holmes, my heart leapt for joy when Robin showed me his designs for Sheerluck Hound. For 2 months I reveled in animation, Robin's designs are truly a dream to work with.

I may have joked a lot about animating plaid, but this was my little piece of heaven right here. 

Thus began my re-education in animation.

This is by far the *classiest* thing I've ever worked on.

[Art Director: Robin Mitchell]
[© 2014 PlayStudiosTM 2014]


Reel Chef - Character Animation

 Reel Chef is the brainchild of Vanessa Tam
Vanessa has the cutest sense of design and a gorgeous colour sense. 
I was given these designs and a great range of freedom to animate. It was sooooo much fun :)

It's the most epic cook-off

 Will you rice to the occasion?

 Let's stir up some trouble

 Little Chef vs. Sexy French Chef

Oohh yeeeaahh

 [Art Director: Vanessa Tam]
[© 2014 PlayStudiosTM 2014]